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Click "Play".

Pick "s2". Change your mind.

Pick "w32". Watch the buttons go off in a randomized 32 key sequence. Nah.

Pick "w4". Lose on round 2.

Go back to "s2". Make it 4 rounds in before failing again.

Mess with options. Realize a slower speed doesn't help.

Press "Mash". Proceed to mash. Close your eyes and try to block out the clown colors.

Breathe. In and out. Focus on the clicking sounds. Slowly but surely achieve keyboard-simulator nirvana.

Try "w4" again. Mispress a key on round 1 and ragequit.

Random first project to learn Unity3d. Originally built in version 3.x, then ported years later to 4.6 for no good reason. Not much of a game really. Wait. Is that-- oh my god, it has idle animations.


  • Mouse to click the on-screen buttons
  • Numpad to play
    • Alternatively, use the block of keys around WASD + spacebar

The "s" modes use all 10 keys.

The "w" modes use 4 keys (WASD / 8456).

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